A Mother’s Plea for Her Son’s Future

Sidonie watched her husband, Rodan, stumble into their home. He had wasted his earnings on drink again; inebriation dulled his senses. Anxiety grew in Sidonie. What money could she save to provide for her young son before Rodan wasted it all?

A Family’s Struggle

Sidonie’s son, Ansun, was like the 30 million children UNICEF estimates does not attend school.[1] Without a proper education, his education would be severely limited at best, nonexistent at worst. Sidonie did not have the money to send her son to school, and her options were limited.

Ansun, like these young boys in Sri Lanka, was encouraged and built up by his teachers at the Bridge of Hope center to achieve his dreams and reach for something better.

Fortunately, Sidonie heard about GFA World’s Bridge of Hope Program, which takes in children like her son and addresses their physical and educational needs. Clutching to the barest glimmer of hope, Sidonie decided to visit the center.

“Every day, my husband goes for work, but when he returns home in the evening, he will spend all the money in buying alcohol for him and his friends,” Sidonie lamented to Bridge of Hope staff. “Because of his bad habits, we are facing difficulties for our daily needs. We do not have peace at home. … I am worried that because of their father’s addiction, my children’s future will be ruined.”

The Bridge of Hope staff listened to Sidonie pour out her woes, and they comforted and consoled the desperate woman.

We can enroll your son immediately, the staff told her. Ansun would attend the Bridge of Hope center and get the tutoring and encouragement he needed.

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