Compassion Is More Than Just a Word

WILLS POINT, TX — Compassion is more than just a word. In fact, dictionaries identify compassion as a noun, i.e., a thing. But the complete meaning of compassion goes far beyond being a noun. By its very nature and derivation, compassion describes physical action.

Compassion is the juxtaposition of two Latin words that means “to suffer together.”

Compassion International, a global faith-based organization, understands what compassion means. Here are just a few of the ways they describe the matter.

Jesus exemplified compassion. There are 12 times when the Gospels describe Jesus being moved with compassion. Each occasion also records how His compassion was evidenced. Jesus healed the sick, fed the multitudes, caused the blind to see, healed people of leprosy, cast out demons and taught the unlearned.

Asia is home to the largest population of marginalized people. Their misery is so great that it would be disingenuous to teach them about the love of Jesus without loving them with compassion, just as He does.

Ask a blind man what he wants; he wants to see.

Ask someone begging on the street what he needs; he needs shelter and something to eat.

Ask a leprosy patient what she needs; she needs a faithful friend who visits her and cleans her wounds.

Those marginalized people need someone who cares enough to DO something to help them — someone with compassion.

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