Diagnosis: Four Days to Live; Gospel For Asia Prescribes Prayer

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing a Gospel For Asia supported church that started out as a house gathering, and the simple church building through which many found hope & life in Jesus.

Vaijayi was supposed to be dead. His doctor had given him only four days to live. That was on Tuesday, and today was Sunday — five days later. As Vaijayi walked through the doors of the church, there was hope that he might live.

Diagnosis: Four Days to Live; Gospel For Asia Prescribes Prayer — KP Yohannan

Worshiping in a Small House

When Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Tapan and his family moved into Vaijayi’s village several years earlier, most people were unresponsive to Tapan’s message about Christ’s love. Some mocked the pastor’s small congregation when they saw people gathering in Tapan’s tiny, one-room house for worship.

“These people go to church, but where is their church?” skeptics sneered. “This is not good, to live in the same house and pray in it.”

Many fellowships in Asia worship together in small homes, huts or even the outdoors, simply because they don’t have the ability to construct a church building. Those who are unable to fit inside are exposed to the hot sun or pouring rain. Many are ridiculed by their neighbors, who see it as a disgrace to worship in such a manner.

Worshiping in a Small House — KP Yohannan — Gospel for Asia

Others in Vaijayi’s village directly opposed the believers by trying to put a stop to the worship services, even beating Pastor Tapan and people within the fellowship. But with the Lord’s help, the congregation stood firm in their faith and were able to overcome their struggles.

Still, Pastor Tapan knew his tiny home wasn’t sufficient. He and the believers asked the Lord to provide a place of worship that could accommodate the people — a prayer they would continue in for nearly five years.

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