Gospel for Asia: Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents But Not His Hope

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA) — Discussing the tragedies in the life of a child named Sam, and the hope that he encounters through national missionaries opening up the path to a brighter future.

Tears rushed down Sam’s cheeks. His mother had succumbed to cancer, leaving the 6-year-old alone in the world. Soon, Sam’s father sent a message from prison — would someone please help his son?

Family Ravaged by Self-indulgence and Illness

Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents But Not His Hope — KP Yohannan — Gospel for Asia
Sam (pictured) was only 6 years old when his whole world turned upside down.

Sam’s father, Afiba, left Nigeria to find work in Asia several years ago. He married, found a stable job and soon welcomed Sam into the world. Over time, however, indulgent habits took over Afiba’s life. He beat his wife and even forced his young son to drink with him. It was not long before Afiba landed in prison for smuggling drugs.

Suddenly lacking a provider for the family, Sam’s mother, Marala, could not pay the rent for their home. A kind lady generously allowed them to stay in her house for several months without charging rent, but when preparations began for her son’s marriage, she had to ask Marala and Sam to find another place to live.

In the midst of their troubles, Marala also battled breast cancer. Struggling to care for her child and fight her disease, she turned to everyone she knew for help. Some Christian neighbors prayed for Marala and introduced her to missionaries serving in their area. The missionaries admitted Marala to a hospital, but her condition worsened, and she passed away.

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