Gospel for Asia Helps Fearful Wife Face Husband’s Folly

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA) — Discussing Samali and her family as they suffered through abandonment, fear, sickness and discrimination, and the Sisters of Compassion whom God used to turn their sorrow into gladness.

Samali felt Ceyone’s forehead. It was hot with fever. For Samali, life couldn’t be much worse. She had already been abandoned by her husband who had left her for a life of crime, she was badly treated by her in-laws, and anxiety for her children’s future filled her heart. Now her eldest son, no older than 5 years old, had a critically high fever that wasn’t going away.

Samali quickly dialed a number on her phone. On the other end, women dressed in white saris with a gray band answered. They dropped everything they were doing to rush to Samali’s home. The Sisters of Compassion prayed earnestly for Ceyone once they saw the helpless little one seriously ill.

By God’s power and grace, Samali’s son was healed completely! It was a miracle. That night Samali’s anxious heart experienced a miracle, too, as she believed in Jesus — the God who healed her son.

Quit School and Married Young

Gospel for Asia Helps Fearful Wife Face Husband’s Folly — KP Yohannan
Samali, pictured here with her youngest son, experienced the love and power of Christ through answered prayer.

Samali grew up very poor. Her family was unable to support her all the way through her schooling, so she quit school after the fifth grade and later got married young. Samali moved into the home of her husband’s family. Life was contented and happy — until her husband, Kairav, began to drink.

Kairav’s drinking problem grew into a critical addiction. He started drinking in the morning. Eventually, after his two children were born, Kairav stopped going to work, and he began to steal his wife’s jewelry to buy alcohol. But Kairav didn’t just take his wife’s possessions; he also began to steal from his family members, his neighbors and shops around his village to feed his addiction.

Soon Kairav became a sought-after thief. His neighbors would sometimes catch Kairav and beat him, but nothing changed Kairav’s heart. He went from village to village so he wouldn’t get caught by the authorities. Innocent Samali bore the brunt of her husband’s poor decisions as her angry neighbors threatened her while they searched her home to find Kairav.

To make matters more painful, Samali’s in-laws started to mistreat her. Hurt and with no support from her runaway husband, Samali left her in-laws and returned to her parents’ home to find refuge. But Samali’s troubles traveled with her in her heart. Anxiety, fear and abandonment seemed to have victory over her life and emotions.

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