Gospel for Asia: Singing the Message of Hope in a Home of Despair

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA) — Discussing the two different lives of Murali and Pranay, and the songs that carry the message of hope in the midst of despair found at Sunday School.

Two worlds collided when Murali and Pranay played together. Although neighbors, the 12-year-old boys lived completely different lives. As their friendship grew, Pranay learned of the struggles Murali’s family faced — struggles Pranay had never known.Pranay had known love and care from his father, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, from the earliest age. Hope and purpose permeated Pranay’s family life and he enjoyed close community at Sunday School.

Gospel for Asia: Singing the Message of Hope in a Home of Despair — KP Yohannan
For many children, Sunday School is a happy, safe place where they can escape the hardships of life. Loving teachers bring joy through songs and Bible stories, giving kids the hope of a bright future.

Nearby, and yet a world away, lived Murali. Murali’s father was an alcoholic, drinking away the small income that should have provided for his family. He did not care that his wife and son went days without food. He did not care about them at all.

Grit Curtailed by Illness

Fed up with her husband’s neglect, Murali’s mother, Misha, decided to look for a job to support her son.

Ironically, as soon as Misha determined to provide for her family herself, she fell ill. Severe headaches plagued her daily, preventing her from working. She went to the doctor, but the medication he prescribed did nothing to abate her excruciating pain. Also finding no relief in her religious practices, Misha’s frustration grew. Her husband showed no concern. Only her son, Murali, seemed to care about her.

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