Gospel for Asia: Training in Tailoring Help Women in Asia Survive

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WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA) — Discussing the life of Jinsy who, like millions of women are searching for a way they can escape poverty. In desperation, many turn to manual labor. This is Jinsy’s story, and that of a sewing machine, and the training she received in how to use it to pull her family out of extreme poverty.

Jinsy stood in her home, contemplating once again the financial struggles of her family. What can I do to help? Her eyes glanced across the room and rested on a sewing machine. She knew it held the potential to help stabilize her family’s income, but all it did now was occasionally mend a seam or two of their old clothes. Mostly, it collected dust and sat as a reminder to Jinsy of what could be — if only she could somehow be trained as a tailor.

Roadblocks for a Determined Wife

Gospel for Asia: Training in Tailoring Help Women in Asia Survive — KP Yohannan
Even with all the practical help Jinsy’s son (pictured) received through GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program, Jinsy and her husband still struggled to make ends meet.

Jinsy’s family needed help. Her husband, Safna, poured himself into his job as a driver, but the money he earned did not cover his small family’s needs, no matter how economically Jinsy ran the home. Their 8-year-old son was already enrolled in GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program, which meant he received a free daily meal, school supplies, medical checkups and many gifts for everyday use; but even so, the family struggled with their bills.

The 37-year-old housewife eagerly desired to help her husband provide for the family, but she didn’t know what to do. Jinsy had completed her schooling as a child — unlike two thirds of all girls in low-income nations who drop out before completing their secondary education — but she still lacked good options for earning money.

She was fortunate enough to own a sewing machine, yet she had never been taught how to sew clothes. The only tailoring classes were located at a distant market, impossibly far for her to go for regular training.

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