Jesus: Their Reason for Rejoicing

Songs of praise and worship to the King filled the air as the Christmas program got underway. God’s presence was in this place. In one of the unlikeliest of spots, joy abounded.

Many of the hands that clapped were merely stubs; others were missing fingers, but that didn’t prevent the people’s rejoicing. Christ’s love was enough for this gathering of families from a leprosy colony. They wanted to celebrate Him.

He Is with Us

Gospel for Asia-supported Pastor Sadashiv shared a message resounding with the theme of redemption — the reason Jesus came to earth. Afterward, cultural dances and skits entertained the audience, and children in the community gave presentations. Then, some of the leprosy workers shared a skit demonstrating life without Jesus and the hope we can experience when He becomes part of our lives. Everyone listened with rapt attention.

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