Mosquito Net Gifted by Gospel for Asia Saves Mother from Deadly Encounter

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA World) founded by K.P. Yohannan, which inspired numerous charities like Gospel for Asia Canada, to assist the poor and deprived worldwide — Discussing Karinya and her family, the devastation brought about by illness, loss and poverty, and the GFA World gift distribution of a mosquito net that brought relief and hope.

Mosquito Net Gifted by Gospel for Asia Saves Mother from Deadly Encounter — KP Yohannan
A thin net like this one was the only barrier between Karinya and her son and a deadly snake.

When their eldest son, Slavomir, was diagnosed with epilepsy, life changed drastically for Karinya and Dalibor. The parents devoted their time and finances to keeping their son alive. However, after years of battling the illness — and a period of peace from seizures — epilepsy eventually claimed Slavomir’s life.

Karinya and Dalibor were devastated. The grief was all-consuming, and the various medical bills they had accumulated only added to their anxiety and left them financially devastated.

A New Challenge

During Slavomir’s illness, Karinya and her family had met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Bedrich, who spent many hours praying and fasting for Slavomir’s healing. He rejoiced with the family when healing came; he welcomed Karinya to the local fellowship of believers; and he mourned Slavomir’s passing after the young man experienced three years of healing. Pastor Bedrich had watched the family’s resources dwindle as they did everything they could to nurse their son back to health.

Now, 14 years after Slavomir’s death, the compassionate pastor prayed for the family as they continued to face another challenge: poverty. With their financial resources drained, the family of six could not afford even a single mosquito net, a basic necessity to protect themselves from the region’s pests and the illnesses and diseases mosquitos carry.

Pastor Bedrich prayed fervently for a solution for the family’s need. The answer came in the form of an idea. He decided to organize a mosquito net distribution for their village.

Through the distribution, 630 people, including Karinya and her family, received the gift of a mosquito net. Though it seemed such a simple gift, it provided great relief from the annoyance of the buzzing creatures and peace of mind with the layer of protection from the disease-carrying insects.

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