Once a Troublemaker, Now a Truth-Bearer

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA) — Discussing the encounters of national missionaries with people who need the love of God. Through their God-given compassion they give “more than a handful of rice.”

Biru grew up in a nominal Christian home. As a boy he attended Sunday school every now and then. But even though he was exposed to Christian teaching, he never fully grasped the love of Jesus for himself.

When Biru became a young man, his father passed away. Gradually, as a result of the lack of guidance in his maturing years, Biru’s life went downhill. Intoxicating addictions consumed him, and Biru hung out with friends who were bad influences. Over time, he became known as an irritation in his village. Although Biru knew he was lacking peace and meaning in his life, he didn’t know his actions were harming him or displeasing the Lord.

Once a Troublemaker, Now a Truth-Bearer — KP Yohannan — Gospel for Asia
This is Pastor Biru and his family. They serve the Lord together in Agna’s village.

But by God’s grace, one day a man came and shared about Christ’s love with Biru and his family. It finally all made sense. Through this encounter Biru finally understood the mercy of God in his life. Biru repented of his sinful lifestyle and started to live for Jesus, forsaking his addictions and harmful friendships. Peace took the place of the emptiness he felt before. Because of his closeness with Jesus, Biru desired to pursue Christ’s call to bring news of peace to everyone who would listen.

Biru Becomes a Pastor

Biru enrolled in Bible college and later graduated to serve in full-time ministry as a GFA-supported worker. His knowledge of God’s Word increased during his studies, and so did his passion to be an influence of love in his society.

Now a pastor, instead of a trouble to those around him, Biru was able to effectively minister in his sphere of influence. There were many people in his village who didn’t understand Jesus or know Him personally — something Biru once could relate too. Biru understood the spiritual climate and unique hardships of life in his area, which enabled him to speak into his neighbors’ lives.

One such family was Agna’s. Agna and her family didn’t know Jesus, and it wasn’t until a crisis shattered their stability that they began to understand what Biru’s life represented.

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I’m a computer engineering professional with a passion for excellence and success.