The Gift That Gives Back from Gospel for Asia Pastor

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing Syon, his family, his struggle with alcohol addiction, the heart transformation by God and lifting from poverty through Gospel for Asia pastor.

Syon’s family knew he needed help. His drinking had become unbearable; he couldn’t go a single day without alcohol in his system. Syon’s wife, Badriya, feared for her family. She was tired of the fighting, frustration and abuse Syon inflicted on them. At his worst, Syon had tried to kill her, and she worried that, unless something changed, he would try again.

Transformation and Trust

Gospel for Asia pastor Jyomon began his ministry in Syon’s village in 2003. After he met Syon and Badriya, he soon discovered the struggles within their family. Pastor Jyomon prayed for Syon every day and visited them weekly. Before long, the Holy Spirit moved in Syon’s life and helped him give up his drinking habit. Seeing the radical transformation, Syon and his family trusted in Jesus for everything in their lives and became involved in the church’s activities.

A few years later, Gospel for Asia pastor Sadiq took over Pastor Jyomon’s ministry. Syon and Badriya developed a good relationship with their new pastor and encouraged him. Syon would even go with Pastor Sadiq to pray for sick people in his area.

Syon’s family was very poor. Syon worked in construction, and he made very little money. However, despite their limited income, the family never skipped giving to the church. When Pastor Sadiq saw the needs of Syon’s family and their faithfulness to the church, he gifted them with a cow. Over time, Syon’s gift multiplied as the cow gave birth to calves. He used the dung to fertilize his new paddy field and was able to earn a good income from the harvest. In just a few years, Syon accumulated enough in savings to replace the leaky roof of his house, which was a tremendous blessing to his family.

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Joel Vergara

I’m a computer engineering professional with a passion for excellence and success.