Too Poor for Suicide: Gospel for Asia Pastor Introduces Widowed Mother to New Life

WILLS POINT, TX — Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing widowed mother Chamudi, the sickness and hunger, sheer hopelessness unto thoughts of suicide, and the encounter with one of our pastors that God use to bring life.

Suicide. The thought pulsed in Chamudi’s mind as relentlessly as the hunger that gnawed in her stomach. Completely broken at the thought of her children’s suffering, Chamudi decided today was the day to end it all — for herself and for her children.

A Hole in the Broken Heart of a Widowed Mother

Twice in 10 years, illnesses turned Chamudi’s world upside down. First, her husband died from a brain tumor, thrusting her into the life of a single mother in a culture that often looked down upon widows. Second, Chamudi received terrible news: She had a hole in her heart.

Too Poor for Suicide: Gospel for Asia Pastor Introduces Widowed Mother to New Life — KP Yohannan
Chamudi, like this widow, could not provide food for her children. Her heart broke over the suffering of her children.

The doctors told her she should not do hard labor or get tired, and unless she received an operation, she would soon die. Desperate for a way to provide for her children, but severely limited in what she could do, Chamudi searched for any light work she could find. She washed dishes and served as a maid, but hunger crept into her home and became a consistent part of life. If she was unable to regularly put food on the table for her precious children, then there was no way she could buy medication to help her condition.

Chamudi was in turmoil. She was going to die, and misery would taint however many more days she had left. Her stomach ached unbearably. She thought of her young children — if enduring hunger caused such agony for her, a grown woman, how much more difficult it must be for her young, confused children? And once she was gone, her children would suffer even more. They would be alone, vulnerable against any who would seek to exploit them.

As bleak as the present was, the future looked even worse to Chamudi.

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